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BioWare is a Canadian video game developer based in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in 1995 by newly graduated medical doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, alongside Trent Oster, Brent Oster, Marcel Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip. As of 2007, the company is owned by American publisher Electronic Arts.

A former employee shared his/her experience working for BioWare on Indeed in January 2017:

"Extremely poor management, no room for advancement in design. A toxic work environment with low morale. Good benefits, poor compensation."


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"Working for a company that used to represent gamers, now it's just a shell. "Freemium" model is just a BS as it sounds. It consists of hooking gamers with something well programmed and free, and suckering them to pay for something expensive and buggy. Don't waste your time or money."


"- Lack of management - Poor communication from team leads - Constant changes in development plans without warning - Management placed in some groups do not have the required skills to make their teams successful - No interaction with management unless you initiate it. - You must have a previous connection with someone on the inside in order to solidify your position. - A lot of egos and attitude from the creative higher-ups like they're God's gift to the company."


"Over two-thirds of the employees are contract workers. This creates a very distinct caste system between the "have's" (the full time employees) and the "have not's" (the contract workers). There is an unspoken implication that if a contractor works hard enough that they will be offered a full time position, but often this isn't the case. Who gets hired and who doesn't is incredibly arbitrary. Also, there is an expectation that the employee will sacrifice their lives and the lives of their families to work whatever overtime hours the supervisors demand. One "crunch" period consisted of 12 straight days of work. 7 of those 12 were 12 HOUR days. The overtime was mandatory and contract employees were fired if they did not comply with these demands."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1.Promotions and rewards based purely on friendship with management, not hard work or contribution. might work hard every day, while your leader plays video games on his computer, and gets all the credits.And if you complain who is going to believe you? 3.Management are mostly can be very insecure, unskilled, lost their passion, given up on learning new skills and keeping up with industry standards. 4. Because of lack of standards in middle and upper management ,most do the least to keep their jobs and collect the paycheck for their family. So it will be near impossible to try to improve anything as you get beaten down by sarcasm ,drama, and unnecessary jealousy . 5.Lots of drama, and lack of professionalism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"...the rest of the company is a bloated ineffective organization plagued by immature behaviors and a lack of big picture thinking. Personal agendas run wild, with the kind of backstabbing you'd expect from an all girls high school. People who try to assess/address/improve the situation are singled out and persecuted, and their turnover is high - almost all of them moving on to better companies. My departure from the company was one of the most unprofessional and inhuman experiences I've had. I am shocked to see the gap between what they profess as values and how they conduct themselves in person."

Former Employee - Artist says

"Most disorganized art department I've ever worked for. Incredibly stressful and cut-throat work environment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Front-line management is often unfairly expected to do the jobs of two people. They must simultaneously act as advanced individual contributors and as people managers. This leads to frequent burnout by the company's brightest. * Double standards. Upper management does not practice what they preach. Cronyism. This is clearly evident during promotion and bonus time. * Several teams have recently been centralized, and are now managed out of EA's HQ in Redwood Shores. This experiment has been a disaster. Remote management of employees can work, but EA is going about it completely wrong, and is causing serious damage to the studios they should instead be supporting. * Good news is shared. Bad news is hidden. It does not take a genius to figure out what the real state of things is at any given time. * Hand fulls of employees are frequently still in the office working at 3am. This is worn as a badge of honor, and absolutely should not be. * There is still too much Us vs. Them between BioWare's Edmonton and Austin studios. This has been going on for years. * To put it bluntly, open office plans suck. The official story is that it is done to foster collaboration. The obvious truth is that it is a cheaper setup, and allows companies to cram more employees into the available space. BioWare's open office plan is easily among the worst in which I've ever worked."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This culture change wasn't for the better either. It reshaped the company and a lot of infighting happened because of this."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Studio leadership is untrustworthy, unaccountable and obsessed with politics - Bad creative and business decisions are allowed to survive for years and destroy the projects that get stuck with them - Sub-studios are the public scapegoats for the Edmonton mothership's failures - Constant high turnover at all levels, with many replacement hires being temp workers who don't receive any benefits - After years of high-profile failures, fans and EA have lost faith in BioWare and left its future in doubt"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Really makes me sad to see what's happened to this company. Only worked there for a short time before the layoffs started, but long enough to see what the problems are. Marketing is driving the business into the ground, making initiatives that make no sense. It's as if they don't realize their audience is gamers, and that's a fail right there. Management simply doesn't listen to the brilliant folks there. I don't know how many times I walked from a meeting shaking my head in complete confusion as to why rational common sense ideas were thrown out in favor of what the marketing head thought was best. I don't believe all game companies are run like this, even BioWare's other branches. But when you have EA looming over your shoulder insisting to see immediate increases in subscriber numbers yet cutting funding in all departments, coupled with horrible management, all the while listening to the marketing department instead of your core audience... yeah. You can see where that's going."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Talented people to work with and big titles to work on. Extremely poor management, no room for advancement in design. Toxic work environment with low morale. Good benefits, poor compensation.Cool studio, big titles, great talentAbusive leadership, poor project management, no advancement"

QA Tester - Term Contract (Former Employee) says

"From day one, we were informed that as QA testers, we were contractors. We had 3 month contracts, and every 3 months we had to defend our jobs and hopefully get another 3 months. The promise was that eventually we'd be hired on as full time employees. A typical day at work ranged anywhere from 9 to 16 hours of work depending on crunch, with constant deadlines, odd business decisions, and a rapidly changing culture due to pressure from the publisher. While the testing and other tasks did prove to be rewarding more often than not, there were days where it was more convenient to sleep on a couch, shower in the gym, and just go back to work. There wasn't enough time to go home and sleep. And to top it all off, the pay was horrible. Many people got laid off when EA decided to clean house, including people who had worked there for 5-10 years. Many of us contractors didn't get picked up as full time employees, and were shown the door.Meals were usually provided seeing as we were there 10-12 hours a day.During one crunch period, I worked 80-90 hours a week for 3 months. I only came home to sleep, if that."

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"They will hire and fire at will, and their lack of respect to contractors is horrible."

Security Supervisor EA Austin (Current Employee) says

"I am just ready to start another chapter in my career. I have been here a long time and pretty much reach my ceiling when it comes to moving up. I am ready for a new chapter in my life.FlexibilityNo room for advancement or to better yourself."

Associate QA Lead Outsourcing (Former Employee) says

"Bioware is a great studio to get introduced to the ways of the gaming industry. It has both the benefits and disadvantages of working on a large single title and while working their you will have those days of banging your head against the wall but the core people there, outside the management, truly do care about their project and their coworkers and will go the extra mile for breakfast.poor management vision, abundant office politics."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"BioWare as a whole has amazing developers at it, really bar none in terms of experience. The studio is very caring about families. Free Breakfast everyday and a great Christmas Party. On the downside, EA has become less lenient with the long lifecycle of BioWare products and Management has been unable to properly reconcile this with the team causing, at times, massive overtime and destruction of Work/Life balance. In saying that - the people make it worth it, for a while at least.Free BreakfastPolitics"

Eyal Bentancur says

"Bioware is dead, these are pretenders...."

13mode says

"Anthem badly damaged the reputation of BioWare. I hope the new Mass Effect will correct the situation."

Kim Molisani says

"What happened to Bioware? They had a system that worked, and they overworked employees, failed there consumers, and are imo a sinking ship. Either make Dragon Age the Joplin program or stop."

Elisa Mascaroni says

"I stopped buy their games, now they care only money..."

Jake says

"Their recent track record has been a disaster; I'm uncertain of what's in store for them. From ignoring customer and fan suggestions and doing essentially the opposite, ruining franchises, an association with EA games that nobody supports - it just isn't good. Their communication with fans has been lacking, and statements from them usually contains either disappointing news, or untruthful answers."

Drew says

"It saddens me to see so many bad reviews and people saying "what happened to Bioware". BioWare used to be in my top 3 fav gaming companies. Mass Effect remains my fav game series of all time. Want to know the reason BioWare isn't as good anymore? EA bought them and have since then gutted the company (i.e. forcing unrealistic time frames for game production as well as getting rid of many employees to the point remaining employees left, etc.). BioWare now is literally not what it was, only by name alone. I give it 3 stars because old BioWare deserved beyond 5 stars whereas new BioWare doesn't deserve more than 2 stars. Gave it 3 stars instead of 4 stars because new BioWare is the bad one."

Kim Anola says

"i love the games they used to make. jade empire is one of my top ten favorite games of all time. the world, the setting, the characters, the lore, all the different combat forms you get, the gameplay. there's nothing in that game i don't love except that one part in the cemetery near the imperial city where ghosts constantly respawn. it's kind of a weird part because usually in (old) bioware games you can't farm enemies, but these always come back and it's a really tedious fight because of how much damage they do and how little they take. you also can't run away. anyway that's a tangent born out of love! bioware used to make such great, incredible games. i don't know what mass effect andromeda was, but that wasn't bioware. it's some other company masquerading as bioware." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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